Voltage Converter Semi Volt 4S W 24-12-4S

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High-end voltage converter with low power for 12V devices at 24V car line. An ideal solution for point of device supply like telematics and GPS wireless alarm systems.

▪ IN: 24V / OUT: 12V
▪ Connection: 3-pol plug
▪ 4A

Weight: 0.19 kg

  • concept of high development standard:
    -real voltage division, discharge protection of 12V device is effective
    - significant low self current consumption of 0,7mA
    - very high efficiency of about 94%
  • overload capacity up to 6A for about 5 min.
  • small dimensions
  • compact plug, sealing option
  • 5kW-peak-safety-diode to prevent overvoltage from car line
  • electronic protection against reverse polarity without the need for a fuse.

Input voltage: 16 ... 30V DC
Output voltage: 8 ... 15V DC input voltage gets halved
Output current: 4A permanent, 6A for about 5 min.
Connection: 3-poles connector, Mate Lock with sealing option
Cable length: _
Current without load: 0,7mA at 24V
Efficiency: app. 94%
Temperature range: -40 ... +75°C, derating T>45°C
Electrical protection: overcurrent, overtemperature, input transients
Mechanical protection: entirely sealed
Dimensions: 80 x 70 x 25mm incl. Plug
Mass: app. 190g