Trailer Light Converter ABW 24-12-7HPS

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Converter to supply the lights of 12V trailers at 24V car line, including reversing lamp. Incandescent lamps and suitable RMS compatible LEDs can be operated. Please ask the LED lamp manufacturer for RMS compatibility. For further details please see our handout “LED lamps in RMS operation”.
Input 15 contact plug, output 13 contact socket.

▪ IN: 24V / OUT: 12V
▪ Input: 24V plug
▪ Output: 12V socket
▪ with reversing lamp

Weight: 0.96 kg

  • for suitable lamp control device (LF-PWM suitable)
  • entirely sealed - waterproof and vibration resistant
  • internal short circuit and overload protection
  • power reserves in case of additional lamps at the trailer
  • ready for mounting with input plug and socket
Input voltage: 24V DC nominal (18 ... 33V)
Output voltage: RMS power equation for 12V (9 ... 15.5V)
Output power: 2 x 21W + 5 x 60W
Connection input: sheathed cable, plug 24V/15 contacts ISO'4091
Connection output: corrugated tube, socket 12V/13 contacts ISO'11446
Cable length input: app. 1300mm
Cable length output: app. 1300mm
Current without load: 0mA at the open output (no current)
Efficiency: flasher unit c. 90%, other units c. 95%
Temperature range: -40 ... +75°C
Mechanical protection: overload current (self-resetting) overtemperature (self-resetting)
Mechanical protection: entirely sealed
Dimensions: 200 x 70 x 25mm without cable outlet
Mass: about 1,640g
Attention: for bulbs and RMS - LEDs only!