Trailer Conbverter Unit TCU12-24US-15

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Complete trailer converter system to operate a European trailer with 24Volt at an American or Canadian towing vehicle.
PLC signal conversion for the failure status from the trailer to the truck is implemented.

▪ IN: 12V / OUT: 24V
▪ Input: 12V socket
▪ Output 1: 24V plug
▪ Input 2: 24V ABS/EBS plug

Weight: 6.37 kg

  • contains all components for "plug and run"
  • input socket 7 pin "N" Standard is allocated according to NATO-coiled cable for US-Canada trucks
  • output 1: 15 pin connector 24V for lights
  • output 2: 7 pin ABS / EBS connector ISO 7638
  • assembled with our converters ASV 12-24-7H and ABS 12-24
    and ABS12-24
  • stainless steel module rack

Input voltage: 9 ... 18V DC
Output voltage: 27V +-5%
Output current on ABS/EBS plug: 10A / max 15A modulator, 0,5 / max 1A control unit
Output power: for lights: 2x260W + 3x130W, maximum 500W nominal
Connection input: socket "7N" ISO'1185, NATO-allocation
Connection output: plug 15 pin ISO'4091 with ISO light line allocation
Connection output 2: ABS / EBS plug 24V ISO'7638
Cable length output: app. 1000mm per output cable
Mechanical protection: each component entirely sealed
Dimensions: 440 x 144 x 65mm rack without cable outlet and socket
Mass: app. 6370g