SW80-1919L Albright 24V Int TYCO JPT (SAAB)

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MPN / Barcode:: SW80-1919L
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SW80-1919L Heavy Duty, Albright SPST contactor

Model SW80-1919L, with JPT connector, replacement of SW80-1683L / SW80-1684L / SW80-113L (BT part number 248310 / 208760)

Overview of SW80-1919L

The SW80-1919L contactor, featuring large contacts similar to those in the 200A contactor SW180B-751, is ideal for high initial load applications such as pump drivers or engine starters.

The SW80 with Junior Power Timer (JPT) Connector is designed for direct current loads, including motors used in electric vehicles like industrial trucks, as well as telecom and power distribution applications. It supports both interrupted and uninterrupted loads, making it suitable for switching resistive, capacitive, and inductive loads.

Current Types:

  • Interrupted Current: Involves frequent switching under load, increasing contact resistance.
  • Uninterrupted Current: Involves infrequent switching under load, maintaining lower contact resistance.


  • Single pole double breaking main contacts with silver alloy tips for excellent conductivity and resistance to wear and welding.
  • M8 stud main terminals and 6.3 mm spade coil connections.
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically, with adjustable options for downward orientation.


  • Model: SW80-1919L (compatible with model SW80-1684L)
  • Working Voltage: 24V
  • Application: Heavy duty with large contacts
  • Ambient Temperature Range: –40°C to +60°C
  • Mounting Brackets: Top hat and "L" shape
  • Connector: Pre-wired waterproof, 15 cm wire length
  • Net Weight: 0.40 kg