Semi-Volta ABS Converter ABS 24-12

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Special converter for the supply of a 12V anti-lock system out of 12V or 24V. Input and output cables are cast solid, open-end.

▪ IN: 12V ... 24V / OUT: 12V
▪ Input: open cable end
▪ Output: open cable end

Weight: 0.8 kg

  • input voltage 24V and 12V
  • compact size by high efficiency in the power line
  • simple mounting by inserting into cable line (5-pole cable)
Input voltage: 9 ... 33V DC both lines
Output voltage: 8,5 ... 12V +-5%
Output current line (term. 30): 0 ... 6A (10A /20% on time cycle)
Output current line (term. 15): 300mA
Connection input: open cable end
Connection output: open cable end
Cable length input: app. 450mm
Cable length output: app. 600mm
Efficiency: app. 90% at 28V and nominal load, app. 96 ... 85% on term. 15, app. 92 ... 38% on term. 30
Electrical protection: Overload protection
Mechanical protection: entirely sealed
Dimensions: 170 x 70 x 25mm without cable outlet
Mass: app. 800g