SD300AB-84 Albright 300A 24V DC CO Emergency Stop Switch +Aux. Contacts 24V Max.

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SD300AB-84 Albright 24V DC CO

About the Albright SD300 Emergency Stop Switch

 The SD300 combines the dual function of a manual disconnect and coil operated line contactor. The benefits of this design include compact size and reduced installation costs combined with an electrical capacity sufficient for most small and medium-size electric vehicles..
 The SD300 has been designed to provide a rapid means of disconnecting batteries or other power supplies in the event of serious electrical faults.
 The operation of the switch is such that with the operating knob depressed i.e. in the “off” position, no electrical functions can take place. However, if the knob is in the “On” position, the option of energizing the coil and thus closing the main contacts become available. The coil energization can be carried out either through the vehicle key switch or as a result of a signal from the vehicle's electronic controller. When used as an Akun Hätä-Irtikytkentä Kytkin, manually depressing the operating knob will override the energized coil such that the main contact and the auxiliary contact - where fitted) will open until such time as the knob is again moved to the “on” position.
 Whilst the switches are primarily intended for use with battery-powered vehicles, they are also suitable for use with static power systems. All types are capable of safely rupturing full load battery currents in the event of an emergency.
Uninterrupted current - no or infrequent load switching requirements - maintains a lower contact resistance).