Anderson SB 350 Amp Connector | Housing With 2 Contacts

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Original Anderson Power Products SB350 Series Heavy Duty Power Connector

APP 350 Connectors from stock. These high-quality, original Anderson Power Products connectors are available in Yellow (12V), Orange (18V), Red (24V), Gray (36V), Blue (48V), and Green (72V) housing colors. Colors are for coding the voltage in use if you want to indicate the used voltage to avoid connecting with other voltages used on the same application or site.

Important! All housings are UL-approved and tested for up to 600V and 350 Amp.

Recommended for use with AWG 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, or 1/0 gauge wire. Kit includes the housing and two contacts - all needed for a single connector.

Please note: All our connectors are 100% Genuine, Original Anderson Power Products. Manufactured within 18 months, so all silver finish on contacts are bright and clear.

Using European wires? No problem! These fit well with users with the metric system wires (cable) as follows:

AWG & GA 1/0 = 50mm2 wire/cable perfect fit
AWG & GA 2/0 = 70mm2 wire/cable perfect fit
AWG & GA 3/0 = 95mm2 wire/cable perfect fit
AWG & GA 4/0 = 120mm2 wire/cable perfect fit

We also have original reducing bushings available if you need to go down from AWG 1/0 to AWG 4 for example, which is the wire commonly used in low power chargers for example.