REMA Trailer Connection Battery Plug A incl. Main contacts

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MPN / Barcode:: 107301/76250-00
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REMA (Ameise Jungheinrich) Battery Plug A incl. Main contacts

max cable size 35mm2 = REMA 76250-00 = 160A
max cable size 50mm2 = REMA 76251-00 = 200A

Contacts can be crimped or soldered with cable.

These Twin plug and sockets by REMA are commonly used with truck and trailer connection.

Prior to standardization, REMA has developed these two poles electrical connection. These robust connectors have proofed their reliability already for decades. The focus of applications of these connectors are electrical connections between the trailer and towing machine on-road trucks. The contact design has large connection surfaces with a spring-loaded connector pin sliding into the sleeves inside the female connector. This results in extremely low resistance in the electrical connection. The contacts show a differentiation between solder and crimp connections. 

On top the twin plug and sockets have:

  • mechanical robustness
  • constant extraction forces
  • protection against humidity, acids and UV radiation
  • reliable design for long lifetimes and vibration protection

The contacts are made from high-quality E-Cu copper, optimized for crimp connections. Crimp tooling and dies available on request from sales.