Rema Connector 95007-08 DIN 160 A - 25mm² - Socket

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MPN / Barcode:: 9500708
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REMA 95007-08

Original REMA EURO DIN 160A / 25 mm² socket, grey coding, acid resistant 108813 / 9500708 are the REMA catalog numbers for the item indicated as (new catalog nr/old catalog nr)

Original / Genuine REMA Euro DIN 160 amp battery connector socket (female)

  • Includes main contacts and housing, lock part, coding pin, cable clamp
  • This is a Complete connector set
  • Quick delivery
  • Low price

This is the dark grey housing -version
[PP CoPo GF 30
 housing -version]

The housing material is PP CoPo GF 30 which is highly battery acid resistant.

Alternatively, you can select the black housing version of this connector, which is Nylon PA6-GF30 -material and has better impact resistance.

Only the housing material is different between these two versions. Please note the dark-grey version (this one) is the one the UL -tests are made with but both versions have the same technical characteristics and they do interconnect 100%.