REMA BATTERY CONNECTOR DIN160, SOCKET with contacts, Battery Acid Resistant Housing

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MPN / Barcode:: 108807
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REMA DIN 160A Plug with contacts, lock part, coding pin and cable stress relief = cable clamp. Including grey coding pin for DRY battery.

Other coding pin options are: ( sold separately )

Green = Wet Battery
Yellow = Wet&Dry Battery
Catalog codes are:
16mm2 = 108807 ( fits AWG 6 )
25mm2 = 108813 / old 95007-08 ( fits AWG 4 )
35mm2 = 108819 / old 95012-08 ( fits AWG 2 )
50mm2 = 108831/ old 95017-08 ( fits AWG 1/0 )
70mm2 = 108832 ( fits AWG 2/0 )

* No handle included, please add separate handle type if needed.
* Plug without handle allows the handle to be changed upon damage very easily.

Product features and advantages:

  • Specifically designed for the quick and opportunity charging of large battery capacities
  • Suitable for lead gel accumulators and lithium-ion batteries
  • Corresponds to the DIN VDE 0632-589 and EN 1175-1

Spring supported contact system for optimal contact pressure high electrical conductivity

High-grade contacts made out of pure high conductive Cu-ETP copper with silver plated surface and an anti-friction and tarnish coating ensure power transition with minimal losses long life

  • Durable because of acid resistant design
  • Suitable for cable sizes from 10 mm2 to 50 mm2
  • Direct crimping without reducing bushing for all cable size

Wide range of accessories

  • different handle shapes are available
  • connect a pair of additional auxiliary and/or a pair of pilot contacts
  • cooling system with air supply through

Typical applications

  • forklift trucks
  • battery charging systems sweeper and cleaning devices