Quick Connect Power Cable 175 Amp Heavy Duty, Double Shielded, DIY set

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Same as on image, but the cable is 2x AWG 2 oversize = 2x35mm2 Red/Black Radaflex TPE insulated cable

This Quick Connect Power Cable DIY -set includes:

One Red SB 175 Connector Housing + contacts, 175 Amps, (Original Anderson product, 2x AWG 2 size Contacts included)
90" (7 1/2 feet = around 230 cm) TWIN FLEX Cable, AWG 2 "oversize" cable = 35 qmm = No Powerloss, Double Shielded, All Copper cable, Fine Strand High Quality Cable made by Synergy Cables
Two Cable Lugs with M8 hole
Two Heat Shrinks included

# UPGRADE # A Standard WARN set have AWG 2 which is 33, qmm copper cable. This is superior upgrde for the same connector. Fits 100% with WARN 26405 for example.

# Suitable replacement of WARN Quick Connect Power Cable for WARN 26405 Quick Connect set #

Provides a safe and simple power source for portable winches and booster cables. The plug allows convenient connection and disconnection to the battery power source.

175 Amps is capable for winches over 3,000 lbs. capacity. A 90" (7 1/2 feet) Quick Connect Power Cable included; for front of vehicle application.

Just Crimp / Solder and heat the shrinks and connect - a Perfect upgrade quality DIY SET for very little price.