Led Adapter 130-LA 12-5B13

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12 Volt resistor replacement load for the adaptation of light-emitting diode (LED) trailer lamps at vehicles with incandescent lamp monitoring. The direction indicator lamps and the contacts 9 to 13 are looped. LED-ADAPT must be mounted on a metal surface. Important: The direction indicators must be incandescent lamps or LEDs with their own monitoring. Other lines may have additional load of 10W maximum, in this case monitoring is disabled.

▪ Operating voltage: 12V
▪ Input: 12V 13-pol plug
▪ Output: 12V 13-pol socket

Weight: 2.85 kg

  • Ready for use solution with 13 pin standard connectors
  • Configuration: "2 incandescent lamps + 5 LED + contacts 9 to 13"
  • No cabling work needed
  • The additional pins 9 to 13 are looped
  • Retrofitting for a factory finished trailer in case of incompatibility with a new vehicle
  • Failure of an LED is detected (if no incandescent lamp is connected in parallel)
Operation voltage: 12V nominal
Output current: 0.8A (Over current protection time delay 1...2000s !)
Connection input: Male connector 13-pin 12V ISO'11446
Connection output: Female socket with flap cover 13 pin 12V ISO'11446
Load imitation: 2x4W (rear lamps), 1x34W (stoplight) 1x17W (fog lamp), 1x17W (reversing lamp)
Cable length input: app. 3300mm
Cable length output: app. 600mm
Temperature range: -40...+75°C
Electrical protection: Overcurrent, overtemperature, reverse polarity
Mechanical protection: entirely sealed
Dimensions: 280 x 70 x 25mm without cable outlet
Mass: app. 2850g
Failure monitor LEDs: 3mA (rear lamp) 8mA (stoplight) 8mA (fog lamp) 20mA (reversing lamp)
Mounting rule: cooling plate 8dm² (aluminum sheet 1.5mm thickness) or on chassis frame, lamp configuration only 2 x incandescent lamps + 5xLED(+0...10W)