Kit with 4 auxiliary contacts AWG16-20 for SBE 320/SBX 350 [MPN: 440G2]

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Anderson 440G2

1x4 Auxiliary Connector
The unique 1x4 auxiliary connector allows up to 4 auxiliary circuits up to 20 amps 150 volts each in SBE®, SBO®, & SBX® housings. The genderless design holds two each of the gold-plated pin & socket contacts. This innovation allows the very durable and cost-effective design of SBE®, O, X connectors to substitute for DIN 43589-1 applications where 4 auxiliary contacts are required.

Multiple pin lengths allow the further benefit of sequencing between circuits. (2) Retaining Pins or (1) Retaining Clip is required to hold the auxiliary housing in place. Auxiliary Kits include (1) Auxiliary Housing, (2) Standard Length Pin Contacts, (2) Socket Contacts, (2) Retaining Pins and (1) Retaining Clip.