Jaquet Speed Sensor DSF 1210.00 SHV Ex-Atex (5m) (MPN: 374Z-05176)

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MPN / Barcode:: 374Z-05176
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Product Overview: Jaquet DSF 1210.00 SHV Ex ATEX

Premium Industrial Hall Effect Speed Sensor

  • Model Number: 374Z-05176
  • Specifications: Features an M12x1 housing and is equipped with a 5m Teflon cable for superior durability and performance. It also boasts Ex certifications, ensuring its suitability for environments with explosive atmospheres.

Functional Capabilities:

The Jaquet DSF 1210.00 SHV Ex ATEX speed sensor is designed for precision speed measurement applications. It is optimally used alongside a pole wheel to accurately produce speed-proportional frequency signals. This sensor is characterized by its dynamic performance, capable of generating pulses at frequencies as low as 0.05 Hz. At its core is a magnetically biased Hall effect sensor, complemented by an amplifier with a trigger characteristic. The output stage is robust, ensuring short-circuit protection.

ATEX Certification:

This sensor is ATEX-certified, making it a safe choice for use in environments where explosive gases or dust may be present. To maintain its certification, the sensor must be used in a clean, undamaged condition. Any modifications to the sensor, unless explicitly permitted in the operating instructions, are strictly prohibited, ensuring the safety and integrity of its operation in hazardous areas.

Signal Output Characteristics:

  • Type: Generates a square wave signal through a push-pull output stage, directly coupled to the power supply, with 0V serving as the reference voltage.
  • Load Current: Maximum of 25 mA.
  • Output Voltage:
    • High level (UHi) is greater than the supply voltage minus 4V, at a source current of 25 mA.
    • Low level (ULo) is less than 2V, at a sink current of 25 mA.

It is important to consider the voltage drop caused by the cable's impedance and the resistance of any safety barriers connected to the circuit. Additionally, the sensor's design ensures protection against short circuits and reverse polarity, enhancing its reliability and safety in industrial applications.