Jaquet Speed Sensor DSE 2210 ATZ (MPN: 304Z-03022)

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Barcode: 304Z-03022
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JAQUET 304Z-03022 FTG 1051 A

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The pulse transmitter serves to convert rotational and linear movement into electrical signals and consists of an iron core with induction coil followed by a permanent magnet. The pole wheel, which rotates in front of the transmitter head, influences the
magnetic field so that, according to the law of induction, a voltage is produced in the coil proportional to the rate of change of the magnetic flux in the iron core. The magnitude of the transmitter voltage is dependent upon the distance between the pole
wheel and the transmitter and upon the pole dimensions. Moreover, it is initially proportional to the rotational speed of the pole wheel and therefore proportional to the rotational speed of the measurement shaft. The electromagnetic transmitter does not
require auxiliary power to produce a signal.