ED300-5 Albright 300A Heavy Duty Emergency Stop Switch 48V Max.

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MPN / Barcode:: ED300-5
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About The Albright ED300-5 Stop Switches

The ED300 is a manually operated device with an over-center spring mechanism which provides a snap action for both the opening and closing of the main contacts.

The ED300 is easy to install and is secured with supplied M5 Posidrive mounting screws. This version of the battery isolator has an enclosed top cover to help protect against ingress. Ensure that the switches are installed in a position where heavy arcs emanating from the switch cannot damage or electrically jump across to adjacent parts. The switch is to be used to rupture current in an emergency or as a no-load isolator. A typical comment regarding its big red button appearance is that it is obnoxious, a very apt description, when you need to kill a circuit in an emergency you need the button to be obvious and obnoxious, many OEM's would agree, and will fit the Albright emergency switchgear as standard equipment.

Uninterrupted current - no or infrequent load switching requirements - maintains a lower contact resistance.