ED250B-4 Albright 250A Heavy Duty Emergency Stop Switch 96V Max.

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MPN / Barcode:: ED250B-4
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About The Albright ED250 Stop Switches

 The ED250 is a manually operated device with an over-center spring mechanism which provides a snap action for both the opening and closing of the main contacts. The ED250 is easy to install - see drilling details) and is secured with supplied M5 Posidrive mounting screws.A typical comment regarding its big red button appearance is that it is obnoxious, a very apt description, when you need to kill a circuit in an emergency you need the button to be obvious and obnoxious, many OEM's would agree, and will fit the Albright emergency switchgear as standard equipment.
Uninterrupted current - no or infrequent load switching requirements - maintains a lower contact resistance).