DC88-259 Albright 100A 12V DC - INT Monoblock Motor Reversing Contactor

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About the DC88-259 Motor Reversing Solenoid

"Bow & Stern -thruster solenoid contactor with flying leads connection"

The DC88-259 Albright 100A 12V DC - INT Monoblock Motor Reversing Contactor is a high-quality motor-reversing solenoid designed for intermittent use with direct current loads. Ideal for small electric vehicles and marine equipment, it features double-breaking main contacts with silver-alloy tips for excellent conductivity and durability. Its monoblock construction offers a compact design, with built-in fail-safe mechanisms for safety. This contactor is suitable for applications requiring quick make and break connections, and it is not recommended for prolonged contact periods​.

The DC88-259 Albright 100A 12V DC - INT Monoblock Motor Reversing Contactor represents a pinnacle of design and engineering in the realm of motor-reversing solenoids, specifically tailored for intermittent use across a wide array of direct current (DC) load applications. This product is a standout choice for operators and designers of small electric vehicles and marine equipment, providing a robust solution for the most demanding environments.

One of the hallmark features of the DC88-259 is its double-breaking main contacts equipped with silver-alloy tips. This choice of materials ensures superior electrical conductivity and exceptional durability, enabling the contactor to handle high current loads with ease while offering a prolonged service life. The silver-alloy tips play a crucial role in minimizing contact resistance and enhancing performance under load.

DC88-259 - Monoblock Design

The monoblock construction of the DC88-259 contactor is another key attribute, emphasizing compactness and efficiency in design. This integrated construction approach not only saves space, making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium, but also contributes to the overall reliability and robustness of the device. The compact design does not compromise on functionality or safety, with built-in fail-safe mechanisms ensuring operation remains within safe parameters, protecting both the equipment and its users.

Designed for applications that necessitate quick make and break connections, the DC88-259 excels in scenarios where rapid switching is required, such as in control systems for electric vehicles or winching operations in marine environments. Its ability to swiftly connect and disconnect electrical circuits helps in reducing wear and tear on components, thereby extending the lifespan of the overall system.

However, it's important to note that the DC88-259 is optimized for intermittent use and is not recommended for applications where contacts need to remain engaged for prolonged periods. This specification ensures that the contactor is used within its optimal performance range, safeguarding against potential overheating or damage that could occur in continuous duty applications.

In summary, the DC88-259 Albright 100A 12V DC - INT Monoblock Motor Reversing Contactor is a top-tier choice for professionals seeking reliable, efficient, and safe control of motor-reversing operations in compact applications. Its design and construction reflect a deep understanding of the challenges faced in electric vehicle and marine equipment operation, making it a valuable component in any relevant electrical system.

Adding to its accolades, the DC88-259 Albright 100A 12V DC - INT Monoblock Motor Reversing Contactor is recognized as one of the most popular thruster reversing contactors in the industry. This popularity stems not only from its robust construction and reliable performance but also from its adeptness at handling the specific demands of thruster applications in marine environments.

DC88-259 is a very Common Vessel Thruster Contactor

Thrusters, essential for maneuvering vessels in tight quarters or during docking procedures, require precise and reliable reversing controls to operate effectively. The DC88-259 excels in this role, offering quick and efficient directional changes of the thruster motors. Its ability to perform rapid make and break connections, combined with the high conductivity and durability of its double-breaking main contacts with silver-alloy tips, ensures that thrusters operate smoothly and responsively under the command of the vessel's control system.

The compact and integrated design of the DC88-259, thanks to its monoblock construction, makes it particularly suited to the constrained spaces often found in marine applications. This space efficiency does not come at the expense of safety or reliability; built-in fail-safe mechanisms ensure that the contactor operates within safe parameters, thus protecting both the equipment and its users.

Given these qualities, it's no surprise that the DC88-259 has become a go-to choice for professionals in the marine industry seeking dependable and efficient thruster reversing solutions. Its popularity is a testament to Albright's commitment to quality, innovation, and understanding the needs of its customers in diverse applications, reinforcing the DC88-259's status as a premier choice in the realm of motor-reversing solenoids.

Intermittent contactors by design are predominantly used for hydraulic functions on vehicles, they make and break quicker than continuous solenoids and are not recommended for prolonged contact periods

The main contact circuit, designed for motor reversing, has a built-in failsafe, so that if both coils are energised simultaneously the contact arrangement is open circuit. This version of the DC88 has M8 stud main terminals and flying lead coil connections. Mounting is via the integral bracket formed into the coil housing case. Mounting can be horizontal or vertical, when vertical the M8 contact studs should point upwards.