DC66-53P Albright 80A/80A 12V DC Very INT Monoblock - IP66 Motor Reversing Contactor

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Albright DC66-53P 12V DC HO

80 Amps motor-reversing switch solenoid, very intermittent coil.

The DC66P series, which includes compact 80A contactors, is designed in alignment with the proven SW60 mono-block contactors, specifically tailored for motor reversing applications. These contactors are particularly well-suited for use in small battery-powered winches, windlass winches, vehicle-mounted cranes, and small electric vehicles, among other applications. The contactors feature enclosed contact housings and are sealed to prevent the entry of moisture or other contaminants, making them suitable for environments requiring IP66 protection.

The construction of these contactors adheres to the highest standards of quality, utilizing top-grade materials such as phenolic contact housings, silver-alloy contacts, and Class H (180°C) winding wire for the coils, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding applications. It is important to note that a repair kit is not available for this unit, emphasizing the contactor's reliability and maintenance-free design tailored for critical applications with a very intermittent coil version, operating at a 10% duty cycle.

Dimensions: (DC66-53P)

  • Height including terminals and coil base cap: 87.9 mm.
  • Width: 63.9 mm.
  • Depth (including bracket): 47.2 mm.

Technical specification:

Type : DC66-53P
Coil Voltage (V)                      12 HO DC
Coil Resistance (Ohms)         6
Pull In Voltage (V)                   8.0 Maximum
Drop Out Voltage (V)             3.0 Maximum
Coil Power Dissipation (W)             26.18
Additional Features: Very intermittent coil, 10% duty cycle.                                                  

All figures above are stated at 20 degrees Celsius.

Additional Information

Very Intermittent contactors by design are mostly used for hydraulic functions on vehicles. They make and break much quicker than continuous solenoids and are not recommended for prolonged contact periods.

The DC66P is a compact contactor that adheres to the design principles of Albright mono block contactors, specifically tailored for the purpose of motor reversing. This device is designed for use with Direct Current (DC) loads and is fully compatible with contemporary electronic control systems. It boasts an IP66 seal, making it perfectly suited for applications that include battery-powered winches, vehicle-mounted cranes, and small electric vehicles. Engineered to handle both interrupted and uninterrupted loads, the DC66P can efficiently manage Resistive, Capacitive, and Inductive loads.

It features a built-in fail-safe mechanism within the main contact circuit, ensuring that in instances where both coils are energized at the same time, the contact arrangement remains in an open circuit condition. The main contacts of the DC66P utilize a double breaking mechanism with tips made of silver alloy, providing resistance to welding, durability, and superior conductivity. The device includes M6 main stud terminals for connections, while the coil connections are facilitated through 6.3mm spade terminals.