DC182B-7 Albright 150A 48V DC Intermittent Motor Reversing Contactor

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MPN / Barcode:: DC182B-7
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Albright DC182B-7 48V DC INT Contactor with Magnetic Blowouts

The DC182B-7 contactors, tailored for intermittent energization (INT), feature magnetic blowouts, as indicated by the 'B' suffix in their model number. These blowouts are essential for rapidly interrupting high currents, significantly reducing arcing time. The inclusion of blowouts renders the device polarity sensitive, requiring users to carefully adhere to the positive markings on the contactor's top cover during installation.

Insights on the DC182B-7 Motor Reversing Solenoid

Designed for intermittent operation, the DC182B-7 contactors are optimal for hydraulic functions in vehicles, providing make-and-break actions that are precisely timed for such applications. This intermittent design ensures reliability and durability where activation periods are not continuous, aligning with the needs of various industrial applications.

The DC182B-7 showcases a monoblock construction, offering a compact and efficient design that integrates seamlessly with contemporary electronic control systems. While it shares compatibility with other models in terms of physical and electrical characteristics, it is specifically designed for 48V systems and may require rewiring when replacing other models.

Equipped with M8 stud main terminals and 6.3mm spade coil connections, this unit ensures ease of installation and broad compatibility. It includes an integral bracket for mounting, which can be positioned either horizontally or vertically. For vertical installations, it is crucial to ensure the M8 contact studs are oriented upwards.

Technical data of DC182B-7:

Model DC182B-7
Part Number DC182B-7
Brand Albright
Colour Black/Silver
Voltage 48V DC
Amperage 150A
Material Copper/Silver/Bakelite
Coil Type Intermittent