DC182-491 Albright 150A 24V DC - INT Motor Reversing Contactor

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DC182-491 Albright Motor Reversing Solenoid - Intermittent (INT)

The DC182-491 Albright 150A 24V DC - INT Motor Reversing Solenoid Contactor is a specialized electrical component designed for controlling the direction of rotation of a motor in applications requiring a 24-volt DC power supply. Let's delve into the details of this contactor:

Intermittent contactors by design are predominantly used for hydraulic functions on vehicles, they make and break quicker than continuous solenoids and are not recommended for prolonged contact periods.

  1. DC182-491: This alphanumeric code serves as the unique identifier or model number for this particular contactor within Albright's product range.

  2. Albright: As mentioned before, Albright is a reputable manufacturer of electrical contactors and related components, known for producing high-quality products.

  3. 150A: This denotes the maximum current rating of the contactor, which is 150 amperes. It indicates the maximum amount of current the contactor is designed to handle safely in its operational environment.

  4. 24V DC: Unlike the previous example, this contactor is specifically designed to operate with a DC voltage of 24 volts. This voltage powers the coil within the contactor, which is used to control the switching of the main circuit.

  5. INT: Similar to the previous description, "INT" signifies that this contactor is suitable for intermittent or interruptible operations, meaning it can handle applications where the current flow may vary or be temporarily interrupted.

  6. Motor Reversing Solenoid Contactor: This indicates the primary function of the contactor, which is to control the direction of rotation of a motor. The solenoid within the contactor is responsible for reversing the polarity of the current flow to change the motor's direction.

Regarding voltage compatibility, the main circuit can be operated at any DC voltage up to a maximum of 96 volts with blowout capability. However, it's important to note that 48 volts is the recommended maximum voltage for optimal performance and safety.

DC182-491 Albright 150A 24V DC - INT Motor Reversing Solenoid Contactor is a heavy-duty electrical component designed by Albright for controlling the motor direction in applications requiring a 24-volt DC power supply. It boasts a maximum current rating of 150 amperes and is suitable for intermittent operations. Additionally, it offers flexibility in main circuit voltage compatibility, with a recommended maximum of 48 volts for best performance and safety.

The DC182 is a monoblock construction, resulting in a neat compact design that is compatible with modern electronic control systems. The DC182 is physically and electrically interchangeable with the SW182 reversing contactor but rewiring will be required.

This version of the DC182 has M8 stud main terminals and a flying lead coil energising connection. Mounting can be horizontal or vertical, when vertical the M8 contact studs should point upwards.