Converter "Mobil-Netz" Sw 600A-24

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Professional inverter 24V to 230V AC for rough environmental conditions.

▪ IN: 24V / OUT: 230V/50Hz
▪ Input: 2x open cable ends
▪ Output: open cable ends

Weight: 8 kg

  • waterproof
  • starts automatically, 5mA standby
  • perfectly suitable for fixed installation in service vehicle, separate socket
  • 100% overload possible
  • Attention: no sinus, but almost all consumers can be connected
Input voltage: 20 ... 30V DC
Output voltage: 225V +3% / -5%, 50Hz quartz generated (115V/ 60Hz optional)
Output power: 600VA permanent, 1,200VA 10min, 12A (24A at 115V) 4sec
Connection input: 2x open cable end
Connection output: open cable end
Cable length input: 2x app. 1200mm
Cable length output: app. 2300mm
Current without load: standby current 5mA RMS at 12V
Switching level: start at 1W load
Current at 1W load: 0.6A at 26V
Overvoltage: >33V, self-resetting
Undervoltage: off at 20V, on at 22V
Efficiency: app. 95% at 100% load / app. 80% at 10% load / app. 80% at 200% load
Electrical protection: against reverse polarity, overtemperature, short circuit
Mechanical protection: aluminum casting case
Dimensions: 260 x 160 x 90mm (without screwings) without cable outlet
Mass: app. 8,000g incl. Cables
Signalform: step weave with fast PWM-modulation (to cos phi 0.2 at 50% load)
Safety: potential division with potential compensation (protective conductor)