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Converter for the supply of a 24V trailer from a \n12V or a 24V vehicle line, high-performance, also for LEDs. For Mercedes\n Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter the adaption module EC-ASV1 is \nrequired.


In the case of high loads and long cables on the input \nside the current consumption could increase enormously determined by the\n system. Please contact us, we provide planning aid and adaption \nsolutions.


▪ IN: 12V ... 24V / OUT: 24V
▪ Input: open cable end
▪ Output: open cable end

\n\n \n
\n \n Weight: 1.5 kg\n \n

  • extremely high performance in a small design
  • also supplies LEDs
  • quick and simple to connect:
    - at rear lamps of car-like equipment
    - parallel to 12V-socket
    - instead of 12V-socket
  • the function of the C2-indicator-lamps of the flasher unit remains active
  • works well with lamp-control-units
  • correct function of ABS-info-module
  • solid casting - waterproof and shockproof
  • wide range input 12V and 24V
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Input\n voltage:12V...24V DC nominal (8 ... 30V)
Output voltage:26V + -5%
Output power:6 x 130W, total max. 450W
Connection input:open cable end
Connection output:open cable end
Cable length input:app. 100cm
Cable length output:app. 120cm
Current without load:0,5mA at open output
Efficiency:about 92%
Temperature range:-40 ... +75°C (load derating above 50° about 10W/°C
Electrical protection:overload current (self-resetting) overtemperature\n (self-resetting)
Mechanical protection:entirely sealed
Dimensions:280 x 75 x 25mm without cable outlet
Mass:about 1,500g
Attention:for bulbs and LEDs only!