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Complete Trailer unit for farming tractors 12V to 24V for lights and ABS.
At the input are plugs and at the outlet are sockets. Park sockets are
available when the converter is not in use to take the free plugs. The
unit is mounted in a stainless steel metal rack. The converters inside
are ABS 12-24 and ASV 12-24-6H.

▪ IN: 12V / OUT: 24V
▪ Input: 12V lights + 12V ABS(EBS)
▪ Output: 24V lights + 24V ABS(EBS)
▪ 7-contacts and 15-contacts lights socket 24V
▪ Park sockets

  • Includes all components for "plug and go"
  • Input 1 with a 7-contact plug for the lights
  • Input 2 with an ABS/EBS standard plug, 5 contacts connected
  • Output 1 with a 7 contact 24V "7N" socket and a 15 contact 24V lights socket
  • Output 2 with a 7 contact 24V ABS/EBS socket, 5 contacts connected
  • Park sockets for both plugs when not in use
  • The stainless steel metal rack is removable without detaching the screws


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Input\n voltage:12V nominal
Output voltage:24V nominal
Output power 1:6 x130W, maximum 500W nominal
Output power 2:ABS/EBS maximum 2 units
Connection input 1:Lights, Plug 7 contacts ISO'1724
Connection input 2:ABS, Stecker ISO'7638
Connection output 1:Lights, Socket 24V 7 contacts ISO'1724 and 15 contacts\n ISO'4091
Connection output 2:ABS/EBS, 24V Socket 5 contacts ISO'7638
Cable length input:Input1 / Input 2: about 700mm each
Mechanical protection:each component entirely sealed
Dimensions:412 x 196 x 100mm Metal body sockets excluded
Mass:6,4 kg