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24 Volt resistor replacement load for the adaptation of light-emitting \ndiode (LED) trailer lamps at vehicles with incandescent lamp monitoring.\n The failure of a LED unit is indicated and the replacement load is \nturned off. To cool the system a metal surface is needed. The \nBypass-function enables subsequent mounting of bulbs up to 180W.

▪ Operating voltage: 24V
▪ Input: open cable end
▪ Output: open cable end

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\n \n Weight: 1.68 kg\n \n

  • Simply connect ahead of LED lamps
  • LED-failure is indicated
  • The input will be connected to the output in a bulb connection
  • Serves all lines with replacement resistors
  • Short circuit proof
  • Input cable 3,5m can be connected directly to the plug
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Operation\n voltage:24V nominal
Output current:max. 8A each line (bypass on)
Connection input:Sheathed cable 7x1+1x2,5mm², bare endings
Connection output:Sheathed cable 7x1+1x2,5mm², bare endings
Load imitation:2x17 W (direction), 2x4W (rear lamp), 1x34W (stoplight) 1x17W\n (fog lamp), 1x17W (reversing lamp)
Cable length input:app. 3,5m
Cable length output:app. 1,2m
Temperature range:-40...+75°C
Electrical protection:Overcurrent, overtemperature, reverse polarity
Mechanical protection:entirely sealed (IP69K)
Dimensions:280 x 70 x 25mm
Mass:app. 1680g
Failure monitor LEDs:24mA (direction), 860mA bypass,\n 6,5mA (rear lamps), 330mA bypass, 9mA (stoplight), 1510mA bypass, 9,5mA\n (rear fog lamp), 860mA bypass, 24mA (reversing light), 860mA bypass
Mounting rule:cooling plate 8dm² (aluminum sheet 1.5mm thickness) or on\n chassis frame