Anderson SB 50 Amp Heavy Duty SB® 50 APP connector

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SB50 Anderson Powerpole Kit (SB Series 50 Amp)

Available in Red 24V, Gray 36V, Blue 48V, Yellow 12V, Orange 18V, Green 72V and Black 80V. Recommended for use with 6, 8 and 10 (fits10/12) gauge wire. Kit includes the housing and 2 pcs contacts needed for a single connector.

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Product information "50 Amp Anderson SB50 connector Kit"

One Kit containing 1x Housing + 2x Contact. Available in Blue, Gray, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Black.

Housing is color coded and color coding can be used to indicate voltage. The housing and contacts are UL rated for 50 Amp and 600 Volts. The color is only to be used as an indicator, if needed.

For example RED connector connects only with other RED connector. This makes it impossible to connect to unwanted voltages.

These are the voltages to indicate with color:

12 Volt = Yellow
24 Volt = Red
36 Volt = Grey
48 Volt = Blue
72 Volt = Green
80 Volt = Black, no coding version (also used for other voltages or when no need to indicate a voltage)

Recommended for use with 6, 8 and 10 gauge wire sizes to perfect fit. Can be crimped or soldered and pressed with standard pressing tools for DIY use. Professional installations, please pick a crimp tool from our crimping tool section.

A "set" is (1) colored housing, and (2) contacts.

  • Flat wiping contact system 
  • Interchangeable Genderless design 
  • Colored, Modular housings 
  • Polarized housings 
  • Wide product range - From 10 amps through 180 amps 
  • UL94 V-0 housing material 

  • Allows for minimal contact resistance at high current, wiping action cleans contact surface during disconnection. 
  • Simplifies assembly requirements and reduces parts inventory. 
  • Allows customized multi-pole configurations with visual color coding to match wires. 
  • Prevents damage to connectors from being mated incorrectly. 
  • Allows versatility to choose product best suited to design requirements.
  • Provides security in knowledge that the connector chosen meets strict UL flammability ratings.
Manufacturer data:
The Anderson SB 50-series connector is a 2-pole Housing and 50A Contact Connector with 600V continuous AC or DC operation. The innovative SB® connector provides cost-effective reliability, design flexibility and safety for installation and maintenance. Mechanical keys ensure connectors will only mate with connectors of the same colour.
  • Multi Colour housings for Voltage Indication***
  • Multiple Wire Sizes, AWG #6, #8, #10/12 ( 16mm2, 10mm2, 6mm2 )
  • 200µR AVG Contact Resistance
  • 50lbf Contact Retention Force
  • Single-piece Housing and Unitized Construction
  • Genderless Design

Prevents Accidental Mating of Components Operating at Different Voltage Levels
Same color housings mate together but not with different colors
12V Yellow
24V Red
36V Grey
48V Blue
80V Black / or no indication. Mates all colors

Applications to use

DIY, Battery Connect & Disconnect, Heavy Duty Connectors for Communications & Networking, Power Management, Medical use, Battery Operated EV:s, UPS -systems