Anderson SB 350 Contact Crimp and Solder suitable

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MPN / Barcode:: 917-BK
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Anderson SB350 -series contacts - Bulk Packed -version = most common way to pack these contacts.

Select Wire diameter below:

SB 350 Contacts are available as follows:
917-BK = AWG 1/0 (also for 50mm2) [MPN: 917]
907-BK = AWG 2/0 (also for 70mm2) [MPN: 907]
916-BK = AWG 3/0 (also for 95mm2) [MPN: 916]
908-BK = AWG 4/0 (also for 120mm) [MPN: 908]

The Anderson SB350 series offers a range of high-quality contacts designed for superior electrical connectivity in various applications. This series includes four distinct models, each catering to different wire sizes for optimal compatibility and performance.

Product Lineup

Model: 917-BK

  • Wire Size: AWG 1/0 (also suitable for 50mm²)
  • MPN: 917
  • Description: Ideal for moderate power applications, the 917-BK offers reliable connections for AWG 1/0 wires. Its design ensures a secure fit and consistent conductivity.

Model: 907-BK

  • Wire Size: AWG 2/0 (also suitable for 70mm²)
  • MPN: 907
  • Description: The 907-BK is tailored for slightly larger wire sizes, ensuring a robust connection for AWG 2/0 wires. Its construction is designed for durability and efficient power transfer.

Model: 916-BK

  • Wire Size: AWG 3/0 (also suitable for 95mm²)
  • MPN: 916
  • Description: For applications requiring a stronger connection, the 916-BK is the go-to choice. Compatible with AWG 3/0 wires, it provides a stable and secure electrical connection.

Model: 908-BK

  • Wire Size: AWG 4/0 (also suitable for 120mm²)
  • MPN: 908
  • Description: The 908-BK is designed for the heaviest duty applications within the series. It supports AWG 4/0 wires, offering exceptional conductivity and reliability for high-power demands.

The Anderson SB350 series contacts, while rated for UL 600V, have their power capacity (in terms of maximum current or amperage) determined by various factors, including the wire size they are designed to accommodate and the specific application environment.

The SB®350 connector from Anderson Power Products is designed for high-power applications, supporting up to 500 amps with a 350 mcm wire. The connector's features include a genderless design, mechanical keys color-coded for easy identification, and options for both wire and busbar contacts. The housing is available in a standard PC or a chemical-resistant PBT/PC blend, enhancing durability and reliability. Additionally, the SB®350 offers silver-plated contacts for reduced electrical resistance, and it is suitable for a wide range of wire sizes, from 1/0 to 350 mcm. The product line also includes accessories like cable clamps, handles, dust covers, lockout-tagout kits, and manual release brackets, catering to diverse application needs.

917-BK (AWG 1/0, 50mm²)

Estimated Max Ampacity: For AWG 1/0 wire, the estimated maximum ampacity can range from 150 to 200 amps, depending on the insulation type and installation conditions.


907-BK (AWG 2/0, 70mm²)

Estimated Max Ampacity: AWG 2/0 wire typically has a higher ampacity, potentially ranging from 175 to 300 amps.


916-BK (AWG 3/0, 95mm²)

Estimated Max Ampacity: For AWG 3/0 wire, the maximum ampacity might range from 200 to 400 amps but please note the housing is only rated 350 amps.


908-BK (AWG 4/0, 120mm²)

Estimated Max Ampacity: AWG 4/0 wire, being the largest in this series, can handle even higher currents, potentially up to 500 amps but please note the housing is only rated 350 amps.

It's important to note that these figures are approximations and can vary based on the specific use case, environmental factors (like temperature), and the type of insulation used on the wires. For precise and safe application, it's recommended to consult the datasheets provided by Anderson Power Products or contact their technical support for detailed specifications. Additionally, always ensure that the entire electrical system, including connectors, wires, and protective devices, is rated appropriately for the intended voltage and current levels.