Trailer Converter Unite TCU 12-24US

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MPN / Barcode:: TCU 12-24US
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Complete trailer converter system to operate a European trailer with 24Volt at an American or Canadian towing vehicle.
PLC signal conversion for the failure status from the trailer to the truck is implemented.

Trailer Converter Unit
12V to 24V with PLC
ISO 7638 and 7N plug

▪ IN: 12V / OUT: 24V
▪ Input: 12V socket
▪ Output 1: 24V plug
▪ Input 2: 24V ABS/EBS plug

Weight: 6.35 kg


  • contains all components for “plug and run”
  • input socket 7 pin “N” Standard is allocated according to NATO-coiled cable for US-Canada trucks
  • output 1: 7pin “N” 24V for lights
  • output 2: 7 pin ABS / EBS connector ISO 7638
  • assembled with our converters ASV 12-24-7H
    and ABS12-24
  • stainless steel module rack