Jaquet Zero Speed DSY 1205.01 AHW p-p 8-32V (MPN: 374Z-05124)

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MPN / Barcode:: 374Z-05124
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Jaquet Zero Speed DSY 1205.01 AHW 374Z-05124

The DSY 1205.01 AHW [8 .. 32 VDC, PP] Hall sensor is suitable, in conjunction with a pole wheel, for generating square wave signals proportional to rotary speeds. It has a static behavior, so that pulse generation is guaranteed down to a speed corresponding to a frequency of 0Hz. The monitoring element consists of a magnetically biased hall effect semiconductor. Several amplifier variants are offered for covering a wide application range. The internal two-channel structure means that the sensor must be oriented. The sensors have a special orientation sleeve with pin for ease of installation.

The notation "8 .. 32 VDC, PP" indicates the power supply requirements for the device.

  • "8 .. 32 VDC" suggests that the device operates with a direct current (DC) voltage supply within the range of 8 to 32 volts. This means it can be powered by any DC source within this voltage range.

  • "PP" stand for "Peak-to-Peak" voltage, indicating the peak-to-peak voltage of the signal the device is capable of handling.