Jaquet Speed Sensor E12S (MPN: 385Z-05226)

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Barcode: 385Z-05226
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JAQUET 385Z-05226 VR Sensor M12x1 with integral Cable Harness

The E12S series variable reluctance (VR) speed sensors consist of an iron core,\nan inductive coil, and a permanent magnet. A ferrous pole wheel passing the\nsensor face changes the magnetic field strength, resulting in an AC voltage\nbeing induced in the coil. The frequency of the output signal is proportional to the\nspeed of the moving target. The Amplifieritude of the signal depends on speed, air\ngap, geometry of target, magnetic properties of target material, and the electrical\nload. VR sensors, also known as passive or electromagnetic sensors, do not\nrequire an external supply.