DSD 2210.01 STV 5m - Jaquet Speed Sensor

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Barcode: 374Z-03750
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TE / Jaquet Speed Sensor DSD 2210.01 STV (5m) (MPN: 374Z-03750 / DSD 2210.01 STV (5m) -Series)

Jaquet DSD 2210.01 STV (5m)
· 374Z-03750 · differential ferrostat sensor · M22x1 housing · 5m PVC cable

The Jaquet DSD2210.01 STV (5m) is a differential Hall-effect speed sensor (static and dynamic).


  • M22x1 housing
  • Module 1.0 is the smallest structure that can be detected
  • Integral cable with open wire ends
  • Low temperature -25..+85°C
  • Built-in line amplifier - normally Push-Pull output
  • 5m PVC cable