Anderson SB 175 Amp Heavy Duty SB® 175 APP connector kit with contacts

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Anderson SB175  Power Products SB Connectors KIT

1 kit = 1 x housing + 2 x contact
includes everything seen on the product image )

Original Anderson Power Products (also known as APP) parts and only new stock from us at OEM NORDIC. All items are with bright surface silver finish contacts. No ageing on contacts.

All colour and wire combinations are UL-rated to 600V DC and 175 Ampere. If you have no need to visually indicate the voltage, you can use any colour you like. 

Same-colour housings mate together but not in different colours:

Usage Information: Pick a voltage or use any colour you wish. The connector is 600V rated. Colour can be used to indicate voltage:

You can use every colour housing for up to 600V installations. Housings are colour-coded to avoid misconnecting to other voltages

12V Yellow
18V Orange
24V Red ( very common )
36V Grey ( very common )
48V Blue ( very common )
72V Green
80V Black / or no indication. Mates all colours.

Product information - Anderson SB175

This is the Anderson SB® 175 - 175 Amp Anderson Connector Kit
includes 1x housing and 2 contacts.

Anderson SB175 connectors - The Legendary 2-pole Anderson Connector Family with thousands of different uses in DIY and Industrial applications.

This connector type support wire sizes from AWG #6/8 (16mm²) to 1/0 (50 mm²) fit in the second to the largest connector in the SB® series. The 3 pole SB®175 adds an additional position for power or grounding. All Multipole wire connector housings are genderless and mate to themselves minimizing inventory and assembly complexity.

• Silver Plated Wire Contacts up to 1/0 (50 mm²) Allows UL rated currents up to 280 amps
• Chemical Resistant Housing Option Extends temperature range down to -40°C while offering enhanced UV and chemical resistance
• UL Rated for Hot Plugging up to 100 Amps Great for battery or other applications where the ability to interrupt circuits is required

This Product is called usually as SB175, SB 175, 175A connector or Anderson Plug and Heavy Duty Quick Connect Anderson Plug

The Anderson SB 175 -series connector is a 2-pole Housing and 175A Contact Connector with 600V continuous AC or DC operation. The innovative SB® connector provides cost-effective reliability, design flexibility and safety for installation and maintenance. Mechanical keys ensure connectors will only mate with connectors of the same colour.
Contacts are rated 180A and 600V. Housing and contacts max. 175A/600V
  • Multi Colour housings for Voltage Indication***
  • Multiple Wire Sizes, AWG #6/8, #4, #2, #1/0, (also #2/0)
    For #2/0 a Grey housing with larger diameter contact are available, special housing which interconnects with the standard SB 175 Grey connector, but the housing is special inside for larger contacts to fit in.
  • Single-piece Housing and Unitized Construction
  • Genderless Design -> Prevents Accidental Mating of Components Operating at Different Voltage Levels

Applications to use SB175

DIY, Battery Connect & Disconnect, Heavy Duty Connectors for Communications & Networking, Power Management, Medical use, Battery Operated EV:s, UPS -systems