Step-Up Voltage Converter Boost-To-12 5 W 6-12-5P

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Step-up voltage converter with medium power from 6V until 12V (wide range) to 12V car line. For the simultaneous supply of permanent positive and ignition positive. The total current can be shared in any relation between both outputs.

▪ IN: 6V ... 12V / OUT: 24V
▪ Connection: open cable end
▪ 5A Permanent positive and ignition positive

Weight: 0.022 kg

  • Converts the input voltage of 6V until 12V (wide range) to 13V constant
  • Converts permanent positive (clamp 30) and switched positive (clamp 15)
  • Active reverse polarity protection, the fuse is not blown
  • Case waterproof
  • Overload protection by electronic fuse
  • Very low quiescent current (self-consumption) of 0.7mA only, no creeping discharge of the battery
Input voltage: 4 ... 15V DC
Input current: 11A at 6,0V at output current 5A
Output voltage: 13V DC +-5%
Output current: 5A permanent, 7A peak
Connection: the connection cable is sealed in the device, open ending
Cable length: about 200mm
Current without load: 0.7mA at 6V
Efficiency: about 93% at 5A
Temperature range: -40 ... +75°C
Electrical protection: overcurrent, overtemperature, reverse polarity
Mechanical protection: entirely sealed (IP69K)
Dimensions: 70 x 65 x 25mm
Mass: about 220g
Technical principle: ignition plus (term 15) connects the second output